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Sacrilege Song Lyrics by OTEP

Latest song “Sacrilege Lyrics” is a massive hit of Hollywood English music album “Sevas Tra”, listen free songs by artist “OTEP“.

“Sacrilege Lyrics”

(resurrection .. is for those ..
who didn’t get it right – the first time …)

(eternal salvation suffers from inflation!!)



say whut u need to save your soul
but don’t fuck with me – eye’m losing control

eye’m so tired of this – so sick of u
my tongue is battered & bruised from all these attitudes


so teach me the magick of your sacred pomes
conjuring a voice of signs & omens

prophecies guide the breeze
w/syllables symbols breed

behind the eyes we climb the vine
to sacrifice our wounded minds

in soft wurd trances seek insanity
i can’t save u cuz i hate me


the lord is my weapon – i shall shoot pawns
womyn is a devil – (your) GOD IS A FRAUD
everyone u knew – everything u’ve ever done
suffer for your freedom – RISE & OVERCOME



say whut u need to save your soul
but leave your religion at the door

we’re smoking all of Krsna’s weed
eye’m sick of these weak anarchies

u see me as a place to make a bruise
but in my reality eye’m a slave to the muse

fuck those hypocrites – together we’ll fight
the tyranny of squares – SQUIGGLES UNITE



all u sinners
— and blasphemers!





save me



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