2Eaze lyrics – John Wick 2

2Eaze lyrics – John Wick 2

Lyrics of 2Eaze – John Wick 2

Latest song lyrics of 2Eaze from movie music album John Wick 2.

“2Eaze Lyrics”

Im on my John Wick shit motherfucker

[Verse 1]
Killing niggas if you fucking with my dogs
You didn’t peep tho, that i am the worse one of em’ all
Desert Eagle, tucked in my waist, I could get lethal
These all the people you got, you need more people
Cause Im the one, Im just tryna be legit
Niggas never said shit cause they know how I get
Guess Im back though, Im on my shit I come equipped
Police at the door, See the work, Still innocent
Im here with a vengeance, your people gon’ leave you
Lien to your fam man your people gon’ leave you
That’s why I got the drop, you are dead on my arrival
To me this is a fact and to you this is survival
Headshot, look him in the eyes when he dropping
Headshot, even shoot the priest make him watch this
My will is insane when Im going through the pain
Wash away the blood when Im walking through the rain
Nothing’s Hold me back, Not even a smile I crack
Outta control in all black, arsenal in my bag
Your boss want non of that, he know what Im into
When he needed work he called me now what that make you
A pawn of the shit, just a casualty of war
This the start of the shit, just wait for what’s in store
Got to gassed up, should of just left me alone
That was your death wish now say hello to the chrome
To the dome, let him think about it
Your decision to get involved now you can’t get up out it
Riding around in all black only see up out it
Call up disposal for the gold they gon’ clean around it
Everybody looking for me an I ain’t reach the club
Plotting bitches up in the lobby tryna give me hugs
You needa play by the rules even you can catch a slug
Im heartless, My Shorty was the only reason that I stopped it
Fully conscious, Im completely aware
Even if I slip up I got my sniper in the air
So much blood on my hands, Still got my wedding band
Im’a still take him out even when you on you running man
Im unlike any other man
When you see me, you know you in some trouble fam
Im killing everybody, John Wick shit Im killing everybody